How to Select an LMS

Selecting an LMS is a lot like getting married. You want a long-lasting relationship with an LMS that will be stable through the many years together. There are a variety of LMS vendors to choose from, but once you determine your learning objectives the list becomes manageable. Keep the focus on what features and functions your training program’s needs. Look beyond the what and understand the why. Make sure to ask questions and get referrals.

According to eLearning Industry, here are the
9 questions you should ask your prospective LMS vendor:
  1. What is our budget, what are we currently investing and what are we planning to invest in learning management technology?
  2. What is the cost and pricing model of a next-generation system and what happens if the price escalates after the first year?
  3. What are the most important aspects of the LMS implementation?
  4. When do we need to revisit our existing contracts with our technology providers or upgrade our technology?
  5. What is our preferred delivery model and what resources do we need internally to support a SaaS or cloud-based system?
  6. How will we handle integrations and what existing solutions do we need to integrate with?
  7. How do we measure the real impact for our organization?
  8. Which metrics do we need to measure the effectiveness of our learning management system?
  9. How will this solution improve the learning experience and is the technology simple and engaging?