eLearning Courses

eLearning is one of the most widely used course Delivery Methods. Our Learning Management System is SCORM 1.2 and 2004 (3rd Revision) compliant. Hosting only SCORM-conformant content helps to ensure proper communication between the course and the LMS for launch and status tracking. 

Assign each eLearning course as a training goal, or bundle multiple modules into a Series or Course Group. If it's part of a series, the string of eLearning modules are often followed by an assessment at the end. If it's part of a course group, enrolled students will find all component eLearning courses listed on their Courses To Complete page.

As with any course, a manager can use the Enroll Others to enroll students in the eLearning Course. When a student launches the module, a transcript will be automatically generated. Managers can then track student progress toward completion with the user drill-down tool and course reports.

If you already have SCORM-compliant courseware, simply set up an eLearning Course and upload the file to host the learning module in the LMS. After the file is loaded, you can use the built-in SCORM debug feature to test the operation of each SCO (shareable content object). This tool can help you identify issues that can be fixed prior to your Go-Live. An example of the Test Launch feature is shown below.

elearning courses

Course Shell Configuration settings allow you to enable/disable tools that enhance presentation of each e-Learning course. 

  • Enable Navigation: When enabled a responsive menu opens (collapsed by default) and provides one-click navigation between each SCO (shareable content object) within the course, with the option to expand to full screen.
    elearning courses

  • Enable System Checker: When enabled, this tool allows LMS Administrators to define system requirements for their eLearning content, such as supported devices, operating systems, browsers, cookies, JavaScript. On course launch, the LMS will check the accessing device and inform students whether or not the device and its configuration meets defined requirements. Either way, students are able to click “Continue” and launch SCORM content.
    elearning courses