Assign Goals

Managers who want to create personalized training plans for their team can use the Assign Goals tool to create a learning path, and the My Team page to track progress. Whether sitting down for an annual review or meeting about professional development opportunities, the LMS provides tools to help people build their skills and careers. This document explains how to assign mandatory training to the right people with the Assign Goals tool.

Important: A manager's ability to assign goals is predicated on two requirements:

  1. The Portal Administrator must have enabled the Site Management > LMS Information setting "Set Team Goals".
  2. Even though users may have subordinates, in order to Assign Goals (or Enroll Others), managers must have a system role above Student (at a minimum Location Manager). Updates to user profiles can be managed, with care, using our User Import Template or using the Quick Profile Update tool. Clients who use feeds to maintain user data may contact Latitude ClientCare to discuss potential options for automating the role assignment based on the feed.

Open the My Team page and click +Goal to get started. For portals still using the Classic Home Page, this feature is available from the Employees tab.

  1. User Filter -- Define the criteria that makes your learners eligible for  course goal or certification goal assignment. Leave the default "None" value to return all employees. Click Next to preview the user list.

  2. Preview -- Preview the user population that will be assigned training goals from this rule. Use the Next and Previous buttons to refine user filters and view results.
  3. Training Goal -- Select a Goal Type, then depending on whether the goal is certification- or course-related, select the Certifications or Courses (one or more) you wish to assign to the selected users. Addition of due date information is optional, but allows you to track user progress toward goal and identify those who are past due.
  4. Confirmation -- Review and confirm your setup. Click the step name or corresponding edit buttons to go back and view or edit goal information. 
  5. Click Run to complete the process. A message banner will state that goals have been queued. A results email will follow shortly.
    Assign Course Goals Wizard

To Automate Enrollments from Certification- or Course-Related Goals

Portal Administrators can set up the LMS to automatically enroll users in courses they are assigned via Certification- or Course-related Goals, whether assigned by rule or manually. This is possible via interest lists. If enabled, the LMS adds users to the interest list for goal-related courses, then using standard interest list processing to automatically enroll them. As usual, enrollment is still subject to any pending prerequisites and/or manager approvals.  To enable this automation:

  1. Go to Site Management > LMS Information.
  2. In the Goals Configuration section:
    Enable Automate Interests from Certification Goals if you are assigning goals related to certifications (and the courses required by the certification)
    Enable Automate Interests from Course Goals if you are assigning goals related to one or more courses not related to a certification.