Build an Audience for Mass Enrollment or Announcements


Audience is a feature specifically intended to improve the ability of portal administrators to manage groups of users. Prior to Audience, whenever a portal administrator wanted to apply a process to a large number of users, they would often define user groups.  User groups are collections of users generally intended to represent some aspect of job function, business organization or corporate process. For example, a Technicians group might be set up to include all users who are Technicians; a Marketing group might be created to refer to anyone in Marketing, or an ISO 9000 group might include everyone who was part of the quality process in the organization. 

While helpful, user groups are limited because they are static.  For someone to be a part of the group, the administrator must add each person to the collection. If someone in the organization becomes a candidate for a group, or if someone is no longer considered appropriate for the group, the portal administrator must maintain the user group by adding or deleting those users manually.

With the Audience option, administrators can set up rules which define the audience and then leverage that Audience as a group for enrollments, notifications, and other uses. This makes Audience dynamic. The portal administrator sets up a rule with specific criteria defining the membership, and the LMS includes anyone who matches those criteria. Membership automatically fluctuates to include or exclude individuals depending on how they meet the rule's criteria.

To create an Audience: 

  1. On the left navigation menu, select Audience > Add Audience
  2. Define the Audience Name, Description, and Status.  
  3. In the Filter section, build the rules that will define your Audience membership. The criteria available work similarly to our Advanced User Search, which you can review for information on building the query. The example below shows an example of an Audience definition where:
    - Username contains the letter “S”
    - Are in the National Football League Organization
  4. Click Preview Users to verify the list, if desired.
  5. Click Submit to save the record.

The example below shows the results of Preview Users.