Course Goal and Due Date Reminders

LatitudeLearning has made it easy for administrators to set course completion Goals, as well as automated Due Date reminders for enrolled students. This information is usually established as part of initial the Add Course process, but can be edited anytime from the Course Details page.

Setting a course Due Date does not create an absolute “due date” for all students, nor does it restrict course access. Instead, it establishes a Course Goal with relative timeline (number of days) in which an individual user must complete the course, counting from their Enrollment Date forward. Students who do not complete their Course Goal by the Due Date will get daily reminders that their training goal is past due.

Set a Due Date to Automate Course Goals

If you are adding a new course to the LMS, refer to the following linked document for detailed instructions on setting due dates and more: New Course Configuration

If you want to set training deadlines for an existing course, locate the course you wish to edit, open the Course Details page, and follow these steps:

  1. Select the General tab, then expand the Additional Information section.
  2. In the Days for Student to Complete (Due Date) field, enter the number of days a student is allowed to complete this course after first enrolled. Note: This field is not available for the “Classroom” or “Virtual Classroom” delivery methods.
  3. Click Save Course.

Set Automated Reminders to Alert Students of Upcoming Due Dates

Once you have set a course Due Date, you can choose whether to send automated reminders to students as their Course Goal deadline approaches.

  1. From the Course Details page, select the General tab, then expand the Additional Information section.
  2. In the Days Before Due Date to Remind Student field, set the number of days before the due date that the system will send an email reminder to enrolled students. If multiple reminders are desired, enter them separated by commas. For example, entering “20,10,5” would result in a reminder being sent 20 days, 10 days and 5 days before the Due Date. Note: This field is also not available for the “Classroom” or “Virtual Classroom” delivery methods. Reminders for Classroom courses are set at the Offering level. 
  3. Click Save Course.

Administrators should know that once these settings are applied, Course Goals and Due Date remainders are in effect for all actively enrolled users. Please see an example of course due date and reminder schedule setup below.  

Track Progress with Course Goals

Managers can open the Goals page to view employees' Goal Status, Due Date, and assignment information.  Watch the team's to-do list move from Assigned to Achieved as students complete their certification or course goals. 

Students with access to the Navigation page "My Goals" icon will notice a goal assignment counter. Click this icon to open the new My Goals page, and discover the same functionality provided to end users interested in tracking their own training goals. 

To learn more about how Course Goals make training management easy, CLICK HERE.