Discount Coupons for Course Tuition

Portal Administrators who have monetized their LMS with tuition-based courses and enabled the eCommerce feature now have the option of running sales for their training content. By generating tuition coupons with unique Discount Codes, administrators can offer these fix-priced electronic coupons to targeted users to assist with tuition payment.

Add Coupon Discounts individually or in mass batches of up to 10,000. This tool can be leveraged for any size sale campaign! With just a campaign name, discount amount, and term of offer, and you can generate a list of unique coupon codes for distribution and further market your courses.

Create Discount Coupons

Administrators can add coupons for LMS tuition discounts by selecting, from the left navigation menu, Site Management => Add Discount

Note: If you are logged in as a Portal Administrator and do not see this option listed, you should visit your LMS Information page to ensure the “Coupon Discount” indicator has been checked. This is a free professional feature that can be enabled with a formal request to the LMS Support team.

Complete the “Discount Add” form and click Submit when ready. Coupon generation is instant, and will automatically reroute you to the “Discount Edit” page. 

Add Discount page with example information entered.

Edit Discount Coupons

The “Discount Edit” page can be found by clicking Site Management => Search Discount, and is used for modifying existing discounts. Click Export to CSV to save and distribute the list of unique Discount Codes, or Activate / Inactivate them on demand. 

Example of Edit Discount page, with update tools.

This is also a place for portal administrators to see Discount Code usage at-a-glance, rather than running the official discount usage or audit reports.

Redeeming Discount Coupons

Learners who are granted Discount Coupons can apply them to any course with a tuition requirement in their LMS. As part of the enrollment process, students must submit a tuition payment form that includes a Coupon Code field. Use the this form to enter a unique code, click Apply Coupon, and select Complete Purchase.

Applying a valid coupon code will reduce the “Purchase Amount” by the total discount amount, and will prompt the enrolling student to provide payment information to cover only the remaining cost, if any. For more information on payment forms, please read related document: Paying Course Tuition in the LMS.

Example of Tuition Payment form with discount coupon applied.

Rules and Exceptions

  • Each Coupon Code can be applied to only one course tuition.  If a student tries to apply a used, expired, or deactivated coupon, they will receive an “Invalid coupon code” error message.
  • The discount amount will always be applied in full, and therefore cannot be split between multiple enrollments. 
  • A coupon discount worth more than the total cost of tuition is considered redeemed in full, so students should not expect any refunds or credit for the difference.