Enroll Others in a Course

LatitudeLearning provides students the ability to search for and enroll in courses made available to them. LMS Instructors, Managers, and Administrators are provided the additional option to enroll others in courses, either in batches or by individual Username. 

Note that this ability is scoped to the users’ profile assignments for Organization, Position and Role. For example, if you are a Location Administrator (Role), you will only be able to enroll students that are assigned a Position subordinate to your own, and who are tied to the Location (Organization) you manage. You can only enroll others into courses that have been shared to your Business Unit’s course catalog.

This document demonstrates how Instructors, Managers, and Administrators can best utilize the "Enroll Others" function within the LMS. 


There are two course search options available. You can access both from any page in your LMS portal. 

  • In the upper right corner of the window, in the Course Search field, enter all or part of the course name or course code. Click Search to produce a list of matching results. You may also click Advanced Search to open the Search Courses page for more options.  
  • In the left navigation menu, click Courses => Search Courses. This also opens the Search Courses page. 


The Search Courses Page

After you select Search Courses from the left navigation menu or from the Advanced Search link in the upper right corner of the window, the Search Courses page opens. 

1.  Enter your search criteria in the fields provided. You may enter all or part of the Course Name, Description, or Course Code. You can also select a Major or Delivery Method to further restrict the results.

2.  Click Search. The system will display matching results.


From results list, Click Enroll Others next to the course in which you want to enroll students. Clicking Enroll allows a user to enroll himself in the course.

The Enroll Others tab offers two options: 

  • Quick Enroll up to 100 users and manage conflicts in real time 
  • Batch Enroll an unlimited number of users with an asynchronous process 

Quick Enroll Process

1.  To enroll students in real time, enter one or more Usernames separated by commas, or use the Choose Students link to open the User Picker. The User Picker allows you to filter by Name, Organization, Position, Role, or User Group to compile a list of students you want to enroll. 

2.  Click Submit and Continue to proceed.

3.  If any of the students you select to enroll have more than one Location assignment, the system will prompt you to choose which Location the student should be enrolled through. The number sign (#) indicates the user’s primary profile assignment. Click Submit to continue.

4.  The system then checks each user’s eligibility to enroll, and will provide information about any enrollment conflicts. 

5.  Under the Add column, check or uncheck the boxes to confirm which users you want to enroll. Click the Change Student? link to swap one student for another, or click Return to Add Students to make further revisions to the list. You can also click the “+” symbol next to a Student’s Name or Location Code to expand their position and location details.

6.  Once you have finalized your selections, click Submit to complete the enrollment process.

The system will notify you that the mass enrollment has been processed with an “Add Successful” message and updated student enrollment status.

The LMS will notify students of their course enrollment via email and under the “Mail Center” section of their homepage. The course in which they are enrolled will also display on their homepage, under the “Self-Studies” section.

Batch Enroll Process

In response to client requirements for enrolling large groups of users, we have created an offline (asynchronous) batch processing option for enrolling large numbers of students. The batch process works by allowing the administrator to define targeted users via the Advance User Search tools and then directing the system to handle enrollment conflicts. 

1. On the Enroll Others tab, click the Batch Enroll link.

2.  Select the appropriate Criteria, Comparison, and Search Values to define whom you want to enroll in the course, and click Preview Users at the bottom of the page.

4.  On the Preview Users page, review the list of targeted enrollees. If they are correct, click Next: Conflict Management at the bottom of the page. If they are not correct, click Back to Filter to return to the audience criteria (filter) page and refine your search.

5.  When the Conflict Management page appears, decide how you want to mange potential enrollment conflicts for each user (“How do you want to handle any enrollment conflicts?”). Once you have made the desired selections for conflict management, click Next: Review

6.  On the Review and Submit page, review your selections. If everything is set for the intended enrollees, click Enroll Users. Otherwise, you can click Back to Conflict Management to return to the conflict management page and change your selections for overrides.

7.  Upon successful submit, a processing confirmation message is displayed. You will be notified via email and/or LMS Mail Center when the enrollments are complete.


  • Users will be enrolled in the course via their primary profile.
  • Be patient with the notification; if you have enrolled thousands of users, it might be a little while before you are notified of the completion of the process.
  • When you receive the notification, it will list all users successfully enrolled, those who are ineligible for enrollment, and anyone who could not be enrolled. 
  • The LMS will notify students of their course enrollment via email and under the “Mail Center” section of their homepage. The course in which they are enrolled will also display on their homepage, under the “Self-Studies” section.