Featured Courses

If you want to highlight a set of courses for users, but don’t necessarily want to enroll them upfront, you can feature courses at their location using tools included with the Latitude Learning LMS. Portal Administrators establish Featured Course lists from the Course or from the Location:

  • From the Course: Identify the Course, then select one or more Locations for which the course will be featured. 
  • From the Location: Identify the Location, then select and feature an ordered set of Courses for all users logging into that organization. 
Once courses have been featured at a given Location, students will see the  Featured Courses icon appear on their LMS Navigation page. Rich with images, course details, user enrollment status, and action options, the default course tile view helps you promote these important training opportunities. Buttons in the upper right corner of the page offer the option to toggle between the image-based Tile View, or the compact List View

On the Classic Home page, Featured Courses dynamically display in an expandable section for any user who logs in at that location. “Featured Courses” top the list of training items displayed on the page, allowing users to easily see and access important courses. The LMS automatically updates and displays a user’s status information tied to a Featured course once the user begins to interact with the course through enrollment, launch, and completion.


Set Up a Course to be Featured in one or more Locations

To set up a featured course from the Edit Course Details page:
  1. From the My Learning Center menu, select Courses > Search Courses to find and open the course.
  2. On the Course Details page, select the General tab.
  3. Click the plus “+” symbol next to Additional Information to expand the form.
  4. In the “Featured In” field, click Select Organizations to search for and select the locations in which you want to feature the course. The only organizational level allowed is Location and the course must be available in the course catalog associated with the location. The selected locations display in a list.
  5. For each location listed, enter an Ordinal number to determine the sort order in which you want this course to appear with other featured courses for this location on the Featured Courses page. It can be the same ordinal for each location or can vary. For instance, it may be the most important course for one location and is assigned an ordinal “1”. At another location, there are two other courses with higher importance and this course may only be assigned an ordinal of “3”. If you do not provide an ordinal, the featured courses display alphabetically. 
  6. To delete a featured location assignment for the course, select the Delete check box to the right of the course.
  7. Click Save Course.

Set Up a Location to Feature one or more Courses

To set up a featured course from the Organization Details page, you must first create and save the course. Once the course is created:
  1. From the left navigation menu, select Locations (or Organizations > Search Organizations) to find and select the desired Location.
  2. On the Organization Details page, select the Featured Courses tab. Complete field entries on this tab as described below.
  3. In the Courses section, select Add Courses to search for and select the courses you want to feature for this location (or add to the list already featured). The selected courses will display in a list.
  4. For each course listed, enter an Ordinal number to determine the sort order in which you want this course to appear with other featured courses, under the Featured Courses heading. If no Ordinal is specified, the list will sort alphabetically.
  5. To delete a featured course assignment for the location, select the Delete check box to the right of the course.
  6. Click Submit to save changes.