Process Class Rosters

When managing student enrollment in classroom Offerings for in-person or online instructor-led courses, it is often necessary to make adjustments to the class Roster. Portal Administrators and Instructors can use the Roster Management feature to perform common tasks such as processing student cancellations, making user substitutions from the waitlist, allowing enrollment over the set maximum, and documenting course completions -- pass, fail or otherwise -- for all attendees.  

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In the time leading up to the offering date, an instructor or portal administrator may need to manage user enrollments.  

1.  From the left navigation menu, select Courses > Search Offering, conduct your search, and select the appropriate offering.
2.  Select the Roster tab.

Offering Detail tab

This tab lists all students Scheduled to attend the offering, as well as those who are Waitlisted, Pending (awaiting manager approval) and Cancelled. From this page, you can perform all of the administrative tasks noted below.

Override the Maximum Number of Students

All offerings are created with a maximum number of students that are allowed to enroll. Once the Maximum Enrollment limit has been met, students without a confirmed seat can be placed on a Waitlist. To override this limit and enroll students from the Waitlist:

1.  On the Roster Details page, locate the student in “Waitlisted Students” section whom you would like to enroll.
2.  In the Status column for that student, select the Change to "Scheduled" box.
3.  Click Submit. This action will instantly move the student to the “Scheduled Students” section.

Waitlisted Students tab.

Cancel Student Enrollment

The Latitude Learning LMS makes it just as easy to cancel a student enrollment:

1.  On the Roster Details page, select the Cancel Students tab to display the current roster. 
2.  Locate the student to be cancelled and select the box for one of two options:  
  • Cancel and Add to Interest List: Cancels the student from the current offering and places them on the Interest List for future class offerings.
  • Cancel: Cancels the student from the current offering with no addition to the Interest List. 
3.  Click Submit and Continue

Cancel Students tab.

4.  On the Roster Cancel Students page, make sure the Cancel check box is selected.
5.  In the Notes field, enter an explanation for the cancellation. 
6.  Click Submit to complete the process.

Cancel Students confirmation process

The Cancel tab will refresh, confirming whether or not your changes were successful. It will also display the names of any Waitlisted students who were automatically promoted to Scheduled status as a result of the cancellation, if applicable.

Substitute Students Who Are Not Waitlisted

There may be times when a student who is enrolled in an offering learns last-minute that they are unable to attend, and sends a representative to stand in for them. Or perhaps a supervisor has requested that a new student enrollment take precedence over an already scheduled student, and wants you to swap one user’s seat for the other. To substitute a student who is not already on the waitlist of a particular offering for a student who is currently scheduled:

1.  On the Roster Details page, select the Substitute Students tab to display the current roster.   
2.  Locate the student who is currently scheduled, but will not be attending the offering. In the “Substitute Username” column, enter a Username or click Select Student to launch a User Picker. Note: The LMS only allows substitution of a user from the same Location.
3.  After the appropriate substitutions have been made, click Submit and Continue.

Substitute Students tab.

4.  On the Roster Substitute Students page, make sure the Approve Substitution check box is selected.
5.  Click Submit to complete the process.

Substitute Students confirmation process.

Options for Printing the Roster

The LMS offers several options for printing and utilizing the class roster:
1.  From the Roster Details page, select the Print Roster tab.
2.  Select the option that best meets your needs. Each button launches a .PDF form that you can download or print.

Print Roster tab
  • Workshop Sign-In Sheet: Designed for small classes. Pulls in header information about the Offering, plus the Name, User ID, Location Name, Location Code, and Position for pre-registered students on the roster. Blank fields are available for adding names, signatures, and other information.
  • Event Sign-In Sheet: Designed for large events. Generates a page for each letter of the alphabet, listing all pre-registered users and providing ample blank rows for attendee sign-in according to last name.
  • Archival Roster: Pulls in all the offering and student information captured during roster processing. Use after closing the roster for historical record-keeping.
  • Generic Sign-In Sheet: Blank one-page form with no header or student information.
  • Name Badge Report: Printable page listing the name and location of each pre-registered student in a grid layout that can be used to make name tags.



After a training session is completed, the instructor or portal administrator must document student attendance -- pass, fail or otherwise -- in order to grant students credit for the course. Open the Roster tab to see all processing options.

Record Attendance

A single class Offering can cover multiple meeting times (e.g. 5 meetings over the course of 5 days) with a variable schedule of meeting times for different days of training. Meeting Times can also be edited after initial setup.

The Roster > Record Attendance tab is designed to help training administrators understand the total amount of time each student spent in each scheduled training session. Use it to...

  • Record user attendance in quarter-hour increments at the meeting level, rather than the offering level.
  • See a summary of attendance for all students by day and total.
  • Make an informed decision when granting transcript completion status on the "Process Roster" page.

When making entries on the Record Attendance tab, for multiple meeting time offerings, you will first need to select the appropriate meeting time from the Show dropdown field.

It's important to note that hours of attendance are not connected to student transcript status. Instructors have complete discretion as to whether or not they want to record number of hours, and how that might inform their decision to set each user's course transcript to pass, fail, incomplete, no show, etc. 

Record Attendance tab.
All hours entered on the "Record Attendance" tab are displayed on the "Process Roster" page, so the instructor can see this data when finalizing student attendance records.

Process Roster

Roster processing can be done in full or in partial batches of students at a time, depending on your training needs.

1.  From the Roster Detail page, select the Process Roster tab.
2.  Select the appropriate Status for each student you wish to process. Note: For faster entries, you can the Mark Blank Status As option to fill in all blank Statuses with the one selected.  For instance, if you manually enter the enrollees who were No Show or Incomplete, you could enter Attend(Pass) in the Mark Blank Status As field, then click the corresponding button to apply that status to all open statuses.
3.  If relevant, provide a Pretest score (before training measurement) and/or a Posttest score (after training measurement).
4.  Click Add Note next to any students for whom you wish to enter additional comments, such as a reason for the assigned status or an explanation of scoring.
5.  Click Submit.

Process Roster tab.

6.  The next step varies depending on whether you processed the full roster or a partial roster:

  • Partial Roster: If there are unprocessed students remaining on the roster, the system will indicate “Edit Successful” and if configured, the appropriate notifications will be sent to the processed students and their managers. The unprocessed students remain on the roster and the offering remains open.
  • Full Roster: If you entered a status for every student on the roster, you'll be notified that all users have been successfully processed and you will have the option to close the offering. Click Yes to close it.
 Process Roster confirmation process.

This flexibility allows you to complete a partially processed roster at another time, and then close the offering. It also allows extra time to account for unscheduled student walk-ins, which can be added  by manually enrolling the student. Doing so may require substituting one scheduled student for another, or enrolling over the maximum seat limit.  

Impact on Offering Attendance Reporting
When running reports about classroom training attendance, you may get varied results depending on which dates the report considers, Score Date or Last Update. When an instructor processes the roster, the LMS sets the Score Date to match the meeting's End Date/Time. The Last Update is set to the day on which roster processing occurred, which could be days after the offering ended. With reports such as the classic Ad Hoc Transcript Report, which selects records based on Last Update, it is possible to miss results if the date range excludes the actual Score Date due to delayed roster processing. 

Re-Open a Closed Roster

Once an offering is Closed, all of the Roster Details page tabs -- except Roster Detail and Print Roster -- are grayed out to indicate that they are no longer editable. To re-open the roster for modification:

1.  Select any of the grayed out, display-only tabs. The LMS will offer you the option to re-open the roster. 
2.  Click Yes to re-open it or No to cancel.

Re-open Offering prompt.