Launch a Self-Paced Course

Launch an Assessment, eLearning, or Self-Study Course

To launch an Assessment, Self-Study or eLearning course, you must first be enrolled as a student in that course. If you have not enrolled, see Enroll in a Course to get started. If you are enrolled, review these step-by-step instructions to learn more about launching courses.

Launch from the Self-Studies List

If you have registered for an self-paced course, it will appear under the “Self-Studies” section of your LMS Home page. There is a slight difference between the Launch button of an eLearning versus Self-Study or Assessment course. Clicking Launch or Launch Content will open course content in a new window.

Launch from Course Details Page

If you are using the Search Course method, another way to launch a course is from the Course Details page. Once you are enrolled in a course, the Launch button displays on this page.

Depending upon the configuration of the course, after launching and completing the content, you may have the option to self-certify your completion or generate a Certificate of Completion.

Relaunch a Course

You may have the ability to relaunch a course you have already completed, depending on how the course was designed. If retakes are allowed, you can find the course under your History tab, click on the course name, and relaunch the course for review. 

Note: If you decide to self-certify your completion of a course, you may not be able to relaunch it, even if it is set for unlimited retakes. The transcript created by self-certification prevents it. You can contact your LMS administrator to have the transcript expired, allowing you to relaunch the course.

Browser Requirements and Troubleshooting Launch Issues

If you have problems finding the Launch button for a course in which you believe you are enrolled, there are a few possible causes. Some courses require managerial approval to complete the enrollment process, and yours may be pending approval. If it is a course you have taken before, it may also be subject to relaunch/retake restrictions set by the administrator.

If you click Launch or Launch Content and cannot view the course, you may be encountering issues with browser compatibility or software settings. Please check the following settings before contacting your portal administrator for support.

  • Javascript must be turned on.
  • Cookies must be enabled.
  • Popup blocking must be turned off, both for and
  • Some courses require Adobe Flash Player. If your course requires it, you may download it from Adobe.  
  • To verify some of your current system settings, click System Check. You can enter your name and click Send to forward the results to Latitude Support if troubleshooting is necessary.
  • For detailed information on browser compatibility and Java settings, please see Solutions to Common Problems Launching Courses .