Launch a Self-Paced Course

To launch an Assessment, Self-Study or eLearning course, you must first be enrolled as a student in that course. If you have not enrolled, see Enroll in a Course to get started. If you are enrolled, review these step-by-step instructions to learn more about launching courses.

Launch from your Courses To ComplEte List

If you have registered for an self-paced course, it will appear under the “Self-Studies” section of your legacy Home page, and in your list of Courses To Complete. Click the Launch  button to open course content in a new window.  Courses to Complete also shows Classroom Offering enrollments with links to additional information. Note that by default, users will not see a "Required" tab on this page. Portal Administrators can activate the Required training tab by enabling the Display Next Required Training setting from the LMS Information page.  Required courses display based on goals set for the user via Course Goals or the Certification goal process.

Note: Action buttons vary by delivery method. Click the icon to the left of the course name to expand details about the course. For Course Groups, you must expand the details to see all of the component courses and from there, have access to enroll in and launch them.

Launch from Course Details Page

Once you are enrolled in a course, a Launch button also displays on its Course Details page. Depending upon the configuration of the course, after launching and completing the content, you may have the option to self-certify your completion, or generate a Certificate of Completion.

Relaunch a Course

There are two very different scenarios for course re-launch: 1) when you have completed the course and want to only review the content and 2) when you launched the course, did not complete it at the time, and wish to launch it again to finish it for a score.  

Relaunch a Completed Course: This option depends on whether the course was configured with Can Relaunch enabled. If enabled, you can launch the content again, but it does not constitute a new enrollment. When this is disabled, you would not have access to a Launch button for eLearning and Self-study courses that have already been completed with statuses Attend(Pass), Attend No Bill, and Fail.  The setting which impacts the ability to take the course again for new credit and a new transcript is the Enrollment Restrictions (Unlimited, Once Only, etc).

Relaunch to Finish a Course: The Can Relaunch setting has no impact on this. If the course is not yet completed and remains in the Launched status, the user can relaunch the course to complete it. How they resume in the content is a function of how the course was authored. For instance, eLearning may designed to bookmark to a user's earlier progress, but self-study videos may need to be repeated fully. 

Browser Requirements and Troubleshooting Launch Issues

If you have problems finding the Launch button for a course in which you believe you are enrolled, there are a few possible causes. Some courses require prerequisites or managerial approval to complete the enrollment process, and yours may be pending one or more of these requirements. If it is a course you have taken before, it may also be subject to relaunch/enrollment restrictions set by the portal administrator.

If you click Launch or Launch Content and cannot view the course, you may be encountering issues with browser compatibility or software settings. Please check the following settings before contacting your portal administrator for support.

  • Javascript must be turned on.
  • Cookies must be enabled.
  • Popup blocking must be turned off, both for and
  • Some courses require Adobe Flash Player. If your course requires it, you may download it from Adobe.  Adobe is ending support for Flash Player in 2020 and most browsers are already blocking Flash objects by default, particularly Chrome.  Click HERE for information on how to load Flash in various browsers.