Self Registration Feature

LatitudeLearning offers a Self-Registration feature, which allows students to create their own user accounts. This option relieves portal administrators of having to manually enter large numbers of users into the system. 

This document explains how typical user Self-Registration works. It also provides instructions for LMS administrators who want to customize the registration form, configure their portals to require registration approval, or disable the feature all together.

New User Self Registration

Prospective LMS users must be provided a URL to either their company’s portal Login page or a direct URL to the registration page itself. 

  • To get to the Registration page directly, insert your portal code into this URL to replace the red example portal code. Provide this URL to your users. An example of a URL that includes the company’s portal code:
  • To use the LMS Login Page as the entry point to self-registration, provide your users this URL:

The user must fill out the entire registration form and click Submit to create a new account. It is imperative that the student provides a valid email address, a unique username, and a password that meets system requirements. Email may be used as a unique username. Current password requirements are available by hovering the mouse pointer over the green question icon next to the password field. Users must also agree to the Latitude Learning Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before submitting the form. 

The self registration process uses Default Position and Default Location assignments defined in the Site Management > LMS Information page to create a new User Account and Profile. As with all Add User processes, the new user is automatically assigned the Student role.

The standard self registration feature accepts all submissions, provides new users instant access to the LMS, and sends Username and Password credentials via email.


Require Approval to Monitor and Manage Self Registration Requests

Some administrators prefer to monitor self registration requests to avoid unrestricted access or prevent too many users from joining their LMS. Portal Administrators can use Site Management > LMS Information to update the flag that determines if new user registrations require approval. 

With this option enabled, new users will see the following message upon submitting their registration form: “Thank you for registering. Your registration is pending approval. You will be notified by email once it is approved.”

The LMS also automatically emails the appropriate manager, notifying him or her of the user access request. Administrators must then log in and process these requests by selecting, from the left navigation menu, Approvals > Approve Pending Self Registrations. This is also available under the Navigation page icon for Approvals or from the My Team Approvals link.

  • Approve – Creates the new user account and sends a “User Registration Approval” message to the student.
  • Deny – Sends a “User Registration Denied” message to the student and renders the requested Username unavailable for use.
  • Change and Approve – Allows you to change the user’s Role and Position assignments before approving the registration; sends a “User Registration Approval” message to the user.

Customize the Self Registration Form

There is a small area at the top of the form which can be customized under Site Management > Edit HTML using the register_page file.

Portal administrators who prefer not to designate default Location and Position assignments for new user accounts can request customization of the registration form, requiring manual entry of this profile information.

The Latitude Support team can enable additional fields upon request, allowing users to type their personal address, “Location Code” and “User Group” information, as well as select their Position assignment from a drop-down list. Once these enhancements are implemented, administrators must provide new users instructions on submitting a valid Location Code, User Group Code, and/or Position information during the registration process. 

Please send requests for customizing the Self Registration form to LMS Support.


Disable the Self Registration Feature

Portal administrators who prefer not to offer the Self Registration option to new users can contact Latitude Learning to fully disable the feature. 

Note: Portal administrators who want to add a large number of users, but are not interested in offering the self registration option can consider using the User Import tool.