Training Facilities

The document about building an LMS Organization Structure demonstrates how the LatitudeLearning LMS can be configured to suite your business and training needs. Facilities are established as part of your Training Structure, as they define where physical and virtual instructor-led training events are conducted. You can assign rooms and equipment to facilities, which are then reserved when a classroom course is scheduled.

This document explains how to add LMS Facilities, as well as manage all associated Room and Equipment records.

Add a Facility

Only Portal Administrators and Instructors have access rights to search for, edit and add Facilities. Training facilities, and their associated resources, are maintained using the four options under “Facilities” in the left navigation menu.

To create a new entry, select Facilities => Add Facility and complete all required fields.

General Information

  • Language: Select the language in which courses will be taught at that location. Note: You may add multiple languages (one at a time) by editing the facility, selecting a different language, and resubmitting information in that language.
  • Owner Organization: Facilities are tied to Locales in the LMS Training Structure. Select the Business Unit to which the associated Locale is already assigned. You can share one facility with multiple Business Units.
  • Code: Unique code that will identify the facility.
  • Name: Determines how the facility will be listed in your LMS. Also provides keywords for search options.
  • Description: Provide context information and additional keywords for search options.
  • Facility Type: Select the best option from the dropdown menu, and identify if the facility is a Fixed or Mobile site.
  • Time Zone: Select the timezone in which the facility operates. Note: Classroom course Offering times are based on the timezone registered to the Facility in which the course is being held.
  • Phone and Fax information is optional.
  • Locales: Assign the Facility to a Locale in your training structure. You can add more than one Locale, if the facility services an entire training region. One facility must be the dedicated “Home Locale,” which represents the physical location in which classroom courses are held.
  • Mailing Address information is optional.
  • Physical Address: This field is required, and allows you to provide students Directions to the site as well as Contact information.
  • Start Date: Enter the date that the Facility will become active and available for scheduling.
  • End Date: Entering a date before today’s date will render the Facility inactive, making it unavailable for scheduling. Both Administrators and Instructors can still search for and edit inactive facilities. Facilities can be reactivated at any time by extending the end date to the future or removing it from the record.

Search and Edit Facilities

Select Facilities => Search Facilities from the left navigation menu to find and edit existing facilities, along with their room and equipment information. Select the facility you would like to update by clicking on its Name or the View/Edit link. 

The search results page also provides a link to display the facility address in Google Maps, assuming the Physical Address of your facility is valid and recognized.

The Facility Details page includes two read-only tabs (Summary and Schedule), and three editable tabs that allow you to manage... 

  • General Information – All fields listed in setup instructions above.
  • Rooms – Classroom assignments. 
  • Equipment – Available equipment lists by facility (computers, tools, etc.).

Room and equipment records can also be added from the left navigation menu. Examples of these forms have been provided below.

Facilities => Add Room


Facilities => Add Equipment