Transcript Import Feature

The Transcript Import feature allows portal administrators to add up to 10,000 new training history records per upload to their LMS. Instead of using the Add New Transcript option to manually create each new record, administrators can create transcripts in ad hoc batches by uploading historical data in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. 

Download a blank import template here: Transcript Import CSV template. A link to the most current template is also available from the Transcript Import page by opening the online Help (?) icon. 

Prepare the Transcript import file

The CSV file must be submitted in the standard template format that contains user, course, and transcript information. 
  • All columns must remain in the uploaded file without changes to column order or column headings.
  • The filename of the CSV file must not contain any spaces. Dashes (-) and underscores (_) are acceptable.
  • New transcripts will be created for each entry in the file, this tool WILL NOT edit any existing transcripts.

Required Fields

Username: Must be a valid user with primary profile in portal.
Course Code: Must be a valid course code for an existing course within the portal.
Enroll Date: Must be before Score Date, in format mm/dd/yyyy
Score Date: In format mm/dd/yyyy
Score: Number between 1-100
Status: Supported statuses are listed below. Process requires exact text match for successful import.

  • Attend(Pass)
  • Attend No Bill (Pass)
  • Cancel
  • Fail
  • Incomplete

upload the Transcript import file to the lms

The CSV file name cannot include spaces or the import process will fail, even with valid transcript data. 

Once the file has been prepared for upload, from the left navigation menu, select Users > Transcript Import.

Use the Choose File button to select your import file, then click Process Transcript Import.

Administrators will receive a confirmation email, typically within a few minutes of initiating, to let them know that their file was accepted and processing is in progress. Once the import process completes, administrators will receive a second email titled "Latitude Learning Data Import Exception Log" with an attached Excel file. The file contains information about successfully imported transcripts, and lists any import errors as failures  (SuccessFailureLog).