New User Interface

LatitudeLearning streamlined the student workflow with our new Navigation page, offering a mobile-friendly, task-oriented LMS menu. Click the header grid  icon to access Classic Home page tools, plus a few new features that help learners manage their training activities. 

Training administrators continue to access their legacy features using the Administration page, which provides the standard "My Learning Center" menu. Once a user lands on the Administration or Classic Home page, they will once again enter the Legacy LMS experience. 

Navigation Page

LatitudeLearning is dedicated to building a new user interface using the latest in responsive technology and icon-driven navigation. Click the header or icons below to learn more about each.


The My Team Dashboard provides new ways to view your people, manage their training goals, and track team progress. The full tool set has been released in three phases, as we leverage the new platform to develop new functionality for managers and mid-level administrators. 

Get started from the Navigation menu by clicking the My Team  icon. While the My Team list defaults to people who report to you at your Default Location, filters allow you to view employees across all active profiles. It includes training summary graphs, user filters, and a results list with profile detail and action buttons. Horizontal tabs allow you to navigate between team management tools.


Training Summary Graphs

Three progress charts summarize your employee training goals, listing both Courses to Complete and Assigned Goals by due date. Number totals and percent complete provided with hover text.

  • Courses – Chart displays total number of Courses To Complete by category: Required, Enrollments, Interests
  • Assigned – Chart shows number of assigned Goals by due date: No Due Date, More than 30 Days, Less than 30 Days, Past Due
  • Goal Progress – Bar chart displays percent each user has completed of their assigned training goals


View student details including Location, Position, and Goal Progress. Click the user icon 

  • Filter – Click the Filter   icon to apply criteria and refine the list of people in view. Sort the list by clicking column headers. 
  • Status – People with assignments past due are flagged with a red indicator on their User  icon. Click to view an individual's account information and profile details. Additional icons provide an overview of the user's training plan, including their list of Courses To Complete  , Assigned Goals  Training History  , and for those using certification programs, their Highest Achieved Certification  
  • Action – Click the Edit Profile   button to manage a person's User Group membership. Add or remove the individual from any number of groups in type-ahead list.


Users assigned an LMS administrator role -- Location Administrator, Instructor, Administrator, or Portal Administrator -- will continue to access their training tools by clicking the gear icon in header. The gear icon points to an Administration page that provides access to their "My Learning Center" menu and "Favorite Tools" list.

Learn how to manage a list of your Favorite Tools on the Administration page HERE


We are currently developing an improved Administrator Workflow as well! Please check out our project requirements information and provide feedback on the R&D Blog

Upgrade to the New UI

Check out these documents to learn more about the settings and features available to configure and use the new UI:

  • Site Management > LMS Information page settings "Home Page" and "Login Landing Page" control user navigation options and workflows in your LMS. 
  • Navigation Page Editor - Learn how to customize which icons display on your LMS Navigation page.
  • Edit Administrator Favorite Tools - Customize quick access to your most frequently used Administrator tools.
  • The My Team Dashboard - A new place for managers to view all aspects of employee training activities.
  • Training History - View your transcript history for courses and certification/curriculum-related activities.
  • Track and Manage Goals and My Goals - Assign Goals to your employees and view your own goals and status.
  • Courses to Complete - A one-stop place for students to view upcoming training requirements. Includes Launching a Self-Paced Course and also lists Course Groups and Classroom Course Offering enrollments or goals. Note: The Required tab only displays if Display Next Required Training is activated on the LMS Information page.