New User Interface

LatitudeLearning streamlined the student workflow with our new Navigation page, offering a mobile-friendly, task-oriented LMS menu. Click the header grid  icon to access Classic Home page tools, plus a few new features that help learners manage their to-do activities.

Training administrators continue to access their legacy features using the Administration page, which provides the standard "My Learning Center" menu. Once a user lands on the Administration or Classic Home page, they will once again enter the Legacy LMS experience. 

Navigation Menu

LatitudeLearning is dedicated to building a new user interface (New UI) using the latest in responsive technology and icon-driven navigation. Click the header or icons below to learn more about each.


Users assigned a Location Administrator, Instructor, Administrator, or Portal Administrator role will continue to access legacy pages by clicking the gear icon in header. The gear icon points to a new Administration page that includes the classic "My Learning Center" menu and access to all the same pages portal administrators see today.

Learn how to manage a list of your Favorite Tools on the Administration page HERE


 We are currently developing an improved Administrator Workflow as well! Please check out our project requirements information and provide feedback on the R&D Blog


The Legacy Experience Continues

Existing clients will find the Legacy Experience persist as usual, until their Portal Administrators are ready to transition to the new platform. All features accessed from the Classic Home page remain with standard navigation options intact.

The Navigation menu, accessed via the header grid  icon, provides seamless navigation between New UI and Legacy pages. 

To create a smooth transition from the classic to new platform, we decided to bring a clean, updated look to existing Legacy pages accessed from the Navigation menu. By removing classic navigation elements from all student-facing pages, the LMS provides a more intuitive workflow from their icon toolbox to their training activities. Below is an example of the streamlined Training History page, as accessed from the Navigation menu. It functions in the same manner as its classic counterpart, but with a simpler look that focuses on the current task.

Upgrade to the New UI

CLICK HERE to learn how new LMS Information page settings "Home Page" and "Login Landing Page" control user navigation options and workflows in your LMS.

Learn how to customize your LMS Navigation page here: Navigation Page Editor