Certifications and Curriculums are two ways a student can be certified in LatitudeLearning. The student population covered by a Certification or Curriculum is defined by Position Group, and the Certification can be delimited by a period of time, which is known as a Program.

The goals for a Certification or Curriculum can be met in one of several ways:

  • Completion
  • Department objective
  • Elective
  • Individual performance
  • Location performance
  • Top percent

To create and administer Certifications and Curriculums, an LMS Administrator will create generic rules, primary rules, position groups, and programs. These work together to create a set of training for the proper audience. With proper configuration, members of the audience will be automatically enrolled in the Certification or Curriculum - and at the end of the program’s time period, students can be transitioned to the next training goal.

With the ability to assign training based on position groups, a new user, or user that has their position code changed, will be automatically enrolled in the Certification or Curriculum hours after their transfer takes place. This is an excellent way to facilitate automatic enrollment and save managers valuable time and energy while increasing accuracy of student enrollment.

When the student completes all the requirements for the Certification or Curriculum, the certification will be granted. Your student will be proficient in this area and ready for the next learning challenge.