Data Warehouse Integration is the most comprehensive way to connect data from LatitudeLearning with your native data warehouse. Similar to Organizational Data Integration and User Data Integration, an FTP connection needs to be maintained between the two systems, but this time, the entire set of LatitudeLearning data tables are packaged for the client. Once in your system, engineers can parse the data and create any type of data display you require. Output can be displayed in your CRM or reports can be created. With the entire set of user, organization, transcript data available, it's up to you to package the data for your management team.

With Data Warehouse Integration, there are over 20 data tables that will be transferred from LatitudeLearning to your system, including:

  • Certification
  • Curriculum
  • Course
  • Generic Rules
  • Primary Rules
  • Organization
  • Position Group
  • Position Hierarchy
  • Program
  • Skill Area
  • Skill Level
  • Skill Profile
  • Transcript
  • User Profile
  • User Role

If you are interested in Data Warehouse Integration and receiving over 20 comprehensive data tables at regular intervals, contact your account manager. There is no better way to have full control of data output and reporting.