LatitudeLearning provides LMS Administrators the ability to brand the login page, home page, and self-registration page for organizational structures. This feature is helpful for a company that wants to have a home page message that is different from one location or organization to another.

For example, a manufacturing company may have training goals that are based on sales courses at one location while another may have training goals that are based on service. Organizational branding allows for a custom home page message that addresses the specific goals for each of these locations.

An Administrator can use the organizational branding feature to modify the following user facing components of the LMS: Home Page, Left Navigation Menu, Login Page, Registration Page, Stylesheet, Header Logo, and Featured Courses.

As seen in the screenshot below, the Administrator has modified (a) the home page widget, (b) the Featured Courses, and (c) the stylesheet so that the user in Phoenix has a look-and-feel that is specific to that organizational unit.

With organizational branding, the LMS Administrator can create a custom experience for students in various geographic locations across the company or enterprise.