Position Group Branding allows LMS Administrators the ability to feature different home page elements for specific position groups. For example, you can create home pages so that users in the manager position group will see one message while users in the sales position group see another.

There are several considerations that take place with Position Group Branding:

  • Administrators will have the ability to work in the fully customizable style editor to change the images, words, font, position and a range of other features on the home page
  • Administrators can customize the home page for each position group in your organization
  • Position Groups are a collection of position codes. A position code can only belong to one position group

In the screen shot below, the LMS Administrator is choosing a custom Home Page for the Managers position group. When someone in the Managers group logs in (screen shot on the left), they will view home page information that has content tailored for their group. On the other hand, when Sales personnel log in (screen shot on the right), they will see the home page content that has been tailored for their group.

With Position Group branding, LatitudeLearning extends the LMS Administrator’s ability to create a custom look-and-feel for specific users in the LMS. This provides another way users can get clear and specific directions for their professional development.