Position to Position Reporting

Position to Position Reporting is one of the two ways to organize managers in LatitudeLearning. With Position to Position Reporting hierarchy, managers are assigned to subordinates by a combination of the position code listed in the user’s profile record, the position code listed in the manager’s profile record, and the hierarchical relationship of positions set up between position codes.

When a position is created, the LMS Administrator can assign superior or subordinate positions. A superior position will be assigned to the population of users who oversee training for their subordinates. They can enroll subordinates, monitor their progress, and approve courses that require manager approval.

With Position to Position hierarchy, a structured hierarchy of positions needs to be created. This hierarchy does not need to include every position in your organization, since many positions are at the same “level” of responsibility. For example, a shuttle driver at a local auto dealer can be at the same level as an advertising clerk, since they do not have supervisory functions and they are managed by the same person. The LMS Administrator may want to pool these workers into a common group called “Staff".

In the example above, anyone who has the position of Service Manager is superior to anyone at that location who is a Service Technician. So the Service Manager can (a) assign training, (b) approve courses that require managerial approval, and (c) oversee the training of subordinates.

Managerial oversight in a Position to Position Reporting hierarchy is set up by positions and most importantly, not every job code in your organization needs to be set up with a LatitudeLearning position. What is most important is that managers function effectively.

Since Position to Position Reporting is the default reporting hierarchy in LatitudeLearning, LMS Administrators do not need to make any changes in their LMS Information menu item. They can start creating positions, set up subordinate and superior relationships, and the hierarchy is for managerial assignment.