Position to Position Reporting

Position Code Hierarchy is one of the two ways to organize training manager relationships in LatitudeLearning. With Position to Position Reporting hierarchy, managers are assigned team members based on a combination of the position code listed in a student’s profile record, the position code listed in the manager’s profile record, and the hierarchical relationships between those position codes.

When a position is created, the LMS Administrator can assign superior or subordinate position codes. A superior position will be assigned to the population of users responsible for assigning training plans and tracking progress. Managers can enroll employees, monitor their progress, and approve courses that require manager approval.

Because many people with different jobs can have the same “level” of training responsibility, your Position Code hierarchy does not need to include every job title in your organization, and may not exactly reflect your organization chart. Before creating a Position Code structure, administrators should ask themselves several important questions:

  • How do I plan to report training progress?
  • Who is responsible for assigning training and tracking progress?
  • Are there administrative tasks I want to delegate to others?
  • How will I support my LMS users? 
  • Do I really need to create a position code for every job code in my HRIS system?

The answers to these questions will help you discover how many Position Codes are needed, and if your structure should be hierarchical or flat. 

Position Code is the default reporting hierarchy in LatitudeLearning, and can only be changed from the Site Management > LMS Information page. Administrators can get started right away creating positions within a hierarchy that makes user and training oversight simple for managers.

In the example above, assume that the position hierarchy is TRA > MNG > STF. Even though Susan is a Manager, she can only approve requests for Staff in her assigned locations: Boston and Albany, not Buffalo. Manager Andre can approve for staff in Albany and Buffalo locations, but not Boston. Both can approve for Jean in the Albany office because both have Albany profiles and positions that supervise Staff. Diana, the Training Administrator, can approve for any organization in the portal. Susan and Andre cannot approve each other’s requests because they are peers.