The Required Training Widget offers a way to add a component to the top of a student's home page which lists recent course goals in a certification or curriculum that are required next for student in the LMS.

LMS Administrators can turn on the Required Training Widget in the LMS Information Page. Once turned on, students see an added component to the top of their home page which lists the next required courses they need to complete as part of a certification or curriculum. Courses will be listed only if all prerequisites are met. When the student completes a required course it will be removed from the Required Training Widget. Courses will continue to appear in this space until the student has met all course goals.

The screenshot below shows the Required Training Widget as seen by the student. Its prominent location at the top of the home page makes it easy to see and convenient to use for the student. The Required Training Widget is the best way to alert students in a certification or curriculum about their next required training goals.