Two Factor Authentication allows students to access their home page as long as they can input their location code, email, and answer two pre-populated, personal questions. The student who forgets their username may use the Two Factor Authentication to gain access to LatitudeLearning, which saves the student time and relieves the Administrator from handling username-related questions.

Every LatitudeLearning LMS may activate the Two Factor Authentication feature. Once turned on, when a student firsts logs in they will be required to enter the answer to two pre-populated personal questions. After the answers are saved, the next time a student forgets their username, they can still gain access to LatitudeLearning by clicking a link on the login page. They will then be sent to the Two Factor Authentication page that ask for the student's name, location code or email address, as well as the answer to the two personal questions.

The screenshot below demonstrates a student completing the Two Factor Authentication questions. This step only occurs once. These same questions will be asked of the student if there is a situation in which they need help accessing the system.

With Two Factor Authentication, students are empowered to gain access to the LMS in a secure way in the case they forget their username. This is a valuable time-saver for the LMS Administrator.