This page lists all your required and in-progress training activities. Sort the course list by clicking the quick filter tabs at the top of the page, which may include any combination of Required, Enrollments, and Interests. 

  • Required: If enabled by your portal administrator, Required displays courses assigned to you from Accreditation- or Course-related Goals. 
  • Enrollments: Courses appearing on this tab are those for which you are already enrolled or in some state of progress.
  • Interests: Courses appearing on this tab are those for which enrollment is pending. It could be a temporay interim status as the LMS processes auto-enrollment requirements. It can also indicate which enrollments are being held up pending manager approval or achievement of prerequisites.

Once you complete a course, it will automatically fall off this list. Open your Training History page to review completed courses.

Course Information

A button in upper right corner of the page allows you to toggle between course Tile View or List View

  • Click a Course List entry or a Course Tile to activate the Course Details Slide-in, which includes course code, description, type, duration, tuition, credits, and more.  Learn more about using the Course Details Slide-in: VIDEO
  • The Course Details Slide-in also shows the user's current enrollment status in the course and offers appropriate Action buttons at the bottom based on the course delivery method and the enrollment status. The Action buttons are described in the next section.
  • To close the Course Details Slide-in, use that collapse arrow next to the course name at the top of the slider or simply click off the slider onto the Courses to Complete page.

Self-Paced Learning

  • Launch   course content in a new tab or window.
  • Cancel   an enrollment or interest request.
  • Mark Complete   a Self-Study course to get credit.
  • View Components   button will open an additional slide-in over the Course Details Slide-in which lists all of the lessons you must complete to get credit for the course. Click on the component course in the list to open the Course Details Slide-in, with action buttons, for that particular component.
  • View Resources   will open an additional slide-in over the Course Details Slide-in which displays additional course materials to support your learning experience. Action buttons will display to launch or download the resource based on its configuration.
  • Open Resource   to download or launch content in list.

Instructor-Led Training

  • Expand the course overview section to find Meeting Times and the training facility address in Google Maps
  • Calendar   icon will download a calendar.ics file to your preferred application.
  • Add Interest   in a classroom course, so you can enroll at a later date.