Certification Requirement Details

Rules that have been completed display collapsed. To view details of the rules, click [+] to expand the fields. Courses and Performance-based requirements have slightly different contents, as described below.

Course Based Requirements

These are certification or curriculum requirements that necessitate completing a course. When the + is clicked to expand the field, the following information is displayed:
  • Code - An identifier for a course allowing easier searches for the course.
  • Title - Contains the title of the required course.
  • Course Type - Indicates the type of the course, i.e. WBT (web based training), class Room - On Demand.
  • Status - Contains the status of the required course. Status includes, Met, Completed, and Required as of...
  • CPO - Current Program Only. An x indicates the course must be taken in the current year in order to receive credit
  • Date - Indicates the date the required course was completed.
  • Credits - Shows the number of credits earned for the course.
  • Interest(Live)/Pre-Enroll(Self Study) - Clicking a checkbox and the Submit will pre-enroll the student or add them to the interest list for the course

Performance Based Requirement

Certification requirements can be based on certain performance goals. When expanded, these requirements display the following:
  • Performance Criteria - Explains the nature of the goal.
  • Required Score - Lists the minimum level of achievement needed to complete the requirement.
  • Current Score - Lists the score currently listed for the student.

Certification Based Requirement

Certification requirements can be based on completion of other certification programs. When expanded these requirements display the following:
  • Program Year - Displays the program year for the required certification/curriculum
  • Certification/Curriculum - Lists the name of the required certification/curriculum
  • Status - Lists the current status of the required certification/curriculum