Summary Graphs

This page displays all training goals that have been assigned to, waived, or achieved by the logged in user. Number of records and percent of total is displayed inside each summary graph.

Goals – Chart displays all goals by status: Achieved, Assigned, Waived
Assigned – Chart shows percent of assigned goals by due date: No Due Date, More than 30 Days, Less than 30 Days, Past Due

Results List

Training Goals are displayed with Due Date and Status information. Click column headers to sort the list, or the goal status icon to view assignment details.

  • Assigned  = To Do
  • Achieved  = Complete
  • Waived   = Exempt

Watch your to-do list move from Assigned to Achieved as you complete your Accreditation and Course Goals. 

If you click on a course or accreditation goal name in the results list, the relevant details slide-in will display on the right side of the page. It will contain information and action options appropriate to the goal and user's status in the course or accreditation.
To learn more about both types of slide-in pages, watch this VIDEO.

Manage Goals

Click the [+Goal] button in upper right corner to add yourself new goals. If you have assigned yourself a training goal, that record will offer Edit  and Delete   options.