Welcome to the My Team dashboard, where you can find the list of your employees, manage their training goals, and track team progress. Click the horizontal tabs to navigate between team views. For additional support using the Course Details and Accreditation Details Slide-in Pages mentioned here, watch this VIDEO.


Three charts summarize your employee training goals, listing both Courses to Complete and assigned Goal status. 

  • Courses – Total number of Courses To Complete by category: Required, Enrollments, Interests
  • Assigned – Number of assigned Goals by due date: No Due Date, More than 30 Days, Less than 30 Days, Past Due
  • Goal Progress – Bar chart displays percent each user has completed of their assigned training goals

The Filter   component allows you to refine the list of people in view. Sort the list by clicking column headers. Training Summary data will refresh to reflect data of current employee list.

  • Status – People with assignments past due are flagged with a red indicator on their User  icon.
  • User Details – Click the User  icon to view an individual's account information, such as their Email, Preferred Language, and Profile Details. 
  • Training Details – Additional icons provide an overview of the individual's training plan, including their list of Courses To Complete, Assigned GoalsTraining History   (including the ability to download student Certificates of Completion), and for those using accreditation programs, their Highest Achieved Accreditation. Clicking any of these icons will open a slide-in page listing the employee's Courses to Complete, Goal Assignments, or Training History.  If you click on a course or accreditation from that point, an additional slide-in will overlay the view to show you course or accreditation details.
    For any slide-in, click the > arrow at the top of the slide-in next to the title to collapse it.
  • Action – Click the Edit Profile  button to manage a person's User Group membership. Type-ahead fields allow you to quickly add or remove them from any number of groups at each organization. Enter User Drill Down  mode to see the total end user experience. Click the [+Goals] button to open the Assign Goals tool. 



Two charts summarize your team's training Goals, one by status and the other by assignment due date. Number totals display inside of each graph, while hover text provides percentage details.

  • Goals – Number of goals in each status: Achieved, Assigned, Waive
  • Assigned – Number of assigned goals by due date: No Due Date, More than 30 Days, Less than 30 Days, Past Due


Goals are displayed with User, Due Date, and Status information.  Watch the to-do list move from Assigned to Achieved as your employees complete their accreditation and course goals. Use the Filter   component to apply criteria that hone in on a target list of goals, or click column headers to sort the results list.

  • Click the Status icon to expand record details.  Click the Goal name to open a slide-in for the course or accreditation goal with details about the employee's goal status.
  • Open the Edit Goal  form to view details and make changes.
  • Use the new Waive  icon to exempt a user from completing their goal assignment.
  • Click the Delete  icon to permanently delete training goals. 



A bar graph at top of page tracks the number of people that have achieved each accreditation objective, providing a quick overview of team strengths and knowledge gaps. Results table provides the detailed list of users who are certified, who is working toward their compliance goals, and shortcuts for assigning new goals.

In all My Team tools, the Filter    component allows you to control the user population in view. Remove default criteria by selecting "None", or refine results by user and accreditation attributes. Then click Apply Filter to refresh accreditation results list and corresponding graph.

Each accreditation is listed by Name and Program Year, providing user counts and a shortcut to the goal assignment wizard. 

  • Goals column displays the number of employees who have been assigned that accreditation as a goal
  • Achieved column counts number of certified users on the team
  • [+Goals] button will open the Assign Goals wizard, with Accreditations pre-selected on the "Training Goal" step
  • Click the Status icon to expand a detailed user list, complete with Accreditation Progress bars and status drill down options

Accreditation Status Details

Clicking a user's Accreditation Progress bar will open their individual status details on  right side slide-in page. Click any listed course or accreditation within the details to overlay another slide-in with specifics related to that entry.
Learn how we calculate Accreditation Progress HERE.

Each Accreditation Rule is listed with requirement name, description, and their compliance status in section header. Collapse or expand rule sets to get a full picture of remaining to-do items. 
  •  Met – Standards user has already "met" are collapsed by default and display a green check mark next to rule name.
  • Not Met – Requirement detail is expanded by default, providing course list with action buttons.

Required Courses are color coded according to user's transcript status. Click the Course Type icon to view details, or click an Action button to manage their enrollment.
  • Green = Completed training
    Transcript Status: Attend (Pass), Attend No Bill (Pass)
  • Orange = Training in progress
    Transcript Status: Scheduled, Launched, Attended (No-post test), Pending Manager Approval. Records in "Pending" status also display red exclamation icon.
  • Blue = On Interest List
    Transcript Status: On Interest List, Interest Pending. Records in "Pending" status also display red exclamation icon.
  • Red = User has completed transcript, but was not granted course credit.
    Transcript Status: Fail, Cancel, Incomplete, No Show, Ineligible
  • White = Not enrolled, not on interest list.
    Transcript Status: Not Enrolled, Waitlisted

Other rule types, including Accreditation completion and Performance metrics, will display as single line requirements with no actionable click. These will also be color coded according to user's current standing.
  • Green = Met
  • White = Not Met


Skills are associated with the Accreditation type "Curriculum". Use the Team Skills page to quickly assess team compliance within each area of expertise. Drill into a Skill Profile to see which employees have certified, who has been assigned goals at each Skill Level, and manage enrollments. 
By default, this page should display a profile of curriculum-based skills your team is eligible to achieve. Use drop-down filter menus to explore other learning paths.
  • Program -- Programs are often categorized by year or type. Select a program to see its associated Skill Profiles.
  • Position Group -- Position Groups determine who on your team is eligible to certify in each Skill Profile. Select a group to view their compliance status.
  • Skill Profile -- Select the matrix of skill areas and levels to display.

Click Filter  to apply criteria that further refine Skill Profile data.
  • Accreditation -- Simplify the skill matrix to display a single accreditation.
  • Organization -- View the compliance status of a single organization, often a Location.
  • Position -- Filter your view to a single Position Code within the eligible group.
  • User -- Refine profile to display the achievements and goal counts for a single user.

The selected Skill Profile will display in table header, with Skill Areas listed as rows and Skill Levels  designated by column. Cells are color coded to give managers a sense of team status and competencies at a glance. When at least one person in your team view has a certified Skill, the associated cell will display green and include an Achieved Accreditation Counter. White cells represent skill gaps.

Managers can click a Skill Area name to find the number of users who have a Goal Assignment at each level. By comparing these data points – Assigned and Achieved – they can identify not only certified skill gaps, but where to assign new goals as well.
  • Achieved  = Number of certified users
  • Assigned  = Number of assigned goals
  • Available   = Accreditation opportunities

If Minimum Training Requirements (MTR) are loaded into the portal, the matrix shows the number achieved of the total number required. For example, if the MTR is "3" and just one  has been achieved, the matrix will display "1 of 3" in the box. If MTR is not being used in the portal or if it's not in place for all Skills, the Skills Matrix will display the only number of accreditations that have been achieved.

A legend at the bottom of each Skill Matrix indicates the meaning of the colors and symbols displayed.


Team Status Detail

Click a cell to expand Team Status Detail, where you can manage goal assignments or drill into an individual's accreditation to take course-level action. This feature shows the team broken into three groups:
  1. Achieved – People who have certified their skill
  2. Assigned – People who have been assigned a goal for the accreditation in view 
  3. Not Assigned – All other users in filter criteria
Clicking a user's Accreditation Progress bar will open their individual status details, described above. Use the buttons in Action column to add or remove assignments with a single click. Note that the "Achieved" user list does not offer Goal management buttons.



Manage employee requests for new account registration, security lockouts, interest list additions, or course enrollments. Use the Filter   component to refine the list of requests by Organization, Position, or User criteria. Apply "None" to see all, then sort the list by clicking column headers. 

Notice that each Type of request offers different detail expando icons, training information, and action options. All actions serve to Approve  or Deny  user access or training activities.

  • User Registration    There are two kinds of user access requests, demarcated by the "Pending Approval" description and "Action" options listed.
    1. Unlock User: LatitudeLearning has an Account Lockout security policy. Anyone who fails too many attempts at log in with an incorrect password will be locked out of the system. 
    2. New Registration: A new user wants to register at your organization.
  • Course Interest    If student is currently ineligible or otherwise unable to enroll in a desired course, they may still express an interest in future enrollment opportunities. Courses set to "Allow Interest List" and "Require Approval" will prompt managers to review such requests. 
  • Course Enrollment   – When a student enrolls in a course that requires approval, it is a manager's responsibility to approve, deny, or pay tuition in order to complete the enrollment request. 
  • Self-Study Manager-Certified Completion Requests - For Self-study courses that require manager-certified completion, a manager can add/review attachments to the transcript, and Approve, Deny, or Fail the student in that course. Deny is not a final status and allows the student and manager to review gaps in understanding, then try again.