Training History

Check your training status, view scores, and print certificates of completion. Sort the list of transcripts by clicking the quick filter tabs at top of page, or sort by other data properties with column headers. You can export the results list by clicking the appropriate file type icon above the list. Formats available for download are Excel, PDF, and CSV.  


By default, the Training History page displays your course and certification transcripts in completed status, which includes the Attend(Pass), Attend (No Bill), and Fail statuses.

  • Click the transcript Type icon to expand the listing and view history details.
  • The paperclip icon indicates an  Attachment is available for download.
  • Click the action button to download a Certificate of Completion

All Courses

Comprehensive list of all your course transcripts. This includes your in-progress training, cancelled enrollments, failed attempts, course offering registrations, and completions. 

The Score Date column displays the final status date for any transcript that is at the end of the transcript process, regardless of whether it has an actual score. This includes successfully completed, failed, and canceled course transcripts.

All Certifications

Comprehensive list of certification transcripts, with same options to view detail and download certificates of completion.