This leads to the next question: “How can Latitude be so successful in their implementation when other organization fail so miserably?”

Latitude has developed a process to ensure success. SurefireSetup™ is our process for ensuring a successful implementation. This approach is no secret.

The Surefire™ Setup Training Workflow Wheel guides us in aligning your training program with your business processes. These 6 learning management workflows offer a blueprint in ensuring a successful implementation and management of your LMS.

Why is the Surefire™ Setup Training Workflow Wheel important?

  • Utilizes a programmatic approach to organize and manage the essential functions in order to align your business processes
  • Identifies the critical components in preparing and managing LatitudeLearning to address your specific training needs
  • Reduces the complexity of configuring a learning management system to align with the way your business processes work

How will YOU use the Surefire™ Setup Training Workflow Wheel?

  • Once you are ready to manage your LMS, administrative courses will provide you with the basic approach to managing the functionality of each segment
  • Identifies the workflows and tools to create and manage the foundation of which LatitudeLearning was built on
  • Each component will help identify the right tool, for the right task, to use at the right time

How does the Surefire™ Setup Training Workflow Wheel aid in LMS administration?

  • Each section of the wheel has specific functions for a workflow operation for either configuration or management
  • Once you are ready to manage your LMS, administrative courses will establish the workflow elements for that segment and the tools to prepare and manage that function within LatitudeLearning
  • This enables a logical semblance of what tool to use for what purpose, streamlining your administrative activities

We have heard on many occasions from our prospects and from our clients that came over due to a failed implementation from our competitors about the headache they experienced during the implementation process. We have a proven method that makes implementation successful. When selecting the right solution, ask questions about HOW they plan to do the implementation. Do they have a process that has proven over and over to show success?

A Solution That Won't Fail You
LatitudeLearning® is the solution with a low 1.2% implementation fail rate since 2016.
70% of software implementations fail.

First off, one of the reason implementations fail is because complex training programs try to use simple learning platforms to execute their complicated program. So, are you using the wrong tool? If so, expect a failed or extremely lengthy implementation.

However, if you are managing a complicated training program with complexities in partner training, you need to find a training program that can handle and understand your complexities. You’re in luck, LatitudeLearning is the right tool for the job because partner training is complicated. Our training solution is not your typical learning management system. We were designed specifically to manage partner training programs.

"The brutal fact is that about 70% of all change initiative fail."
- Harvard Business Review, article "Cracking the Code of Change"