Brands &
Product Lines

Navigate the reality of dynamic and varying collections of brands from dealer-to-dealer and audience-to-audience.


Not every partner sells or services all of your brands.

It’s critical that your partner training solution — the programs and the technologies — can effectively manage brand-specific training.


LatitudeLearning was designed specifically to
manage extended enterprise training programs.

The learning platform makes it easier to deliver quality training
across all channels of your extended network.

Control consistency throughout the training process and deliver a tailored
learning experience no matter who is on the receiving end.

Drive certification-based training and consistency across your extended enterprise network.

All while navigating the reality of dynamic and varying collections of brands from dealer-to-dealer and audience-to-audience.

Case in Point

A Global Powersports Manufacturer

For this, we look at a global powersports manufacturer with more than twenty locations, five research and development centers and more than 3,500 dealers across 120 countries. Annually, they are shipping 400,000 units across 30 different brands.

Their partner training solution supports six active audiences, with 32,000 learners generating more than 700,000 enrollments annually. These audiences include:


Technical and sales programs


Dealer technical and sales content


Technical and organization-specific content (rentals, guided/unguided adventure use)


Policy and guidelines for suppliers


All content available to dealers + internal compliance, etc.


Service technical only for tech schools, national accounts and non-affiliates.

It is critical to have robust tools that allow for easy configuration and management of sharing and segregating content as required across catalogs.

Success stories from
Latitude customers

"Latitude's solution is perfect for the Dealer industry. The brilliant thing about Latitude is that they have experience with a dealer network distribution channel. One of the main reasons why we made a switch to Latitude was because we are looking to penetrate within the dealerships more broadly."

Laurie Rengel
Manager of Service Dealer Development, Polaris Industries

For Latitude it’s not about selling
the technology and moving on,
it’s about continuously collaborating
to meet needs and solve challenges.

For more than 30 years Latitude has helped organizations large and small use technology to drive employee and partner performance. With our vast knowledge and experience in the extended enterprise training space, clients rely on our software and consulting to help them optimize channel performance and improve the effectiveness of their training and certification programs.

Building long-lasting relationships with our clients is as much as a priority to us as delivering a solid learning platform. With our high implementation success and client retention rates, it goes without saying that Latitude embodies of one of the key pillars for technology selection — don’t buy a technology, but select a partner focused on your business’s success.


In the Learning Technology space, vendor relationships can sometimes be measured in months rather than years.

In an environment where about 40% of companies are actively looking to replace a current provider, longevity is hard to come by.

Latitude has a 95% client retention and a 100% LMS implementation success rate.