Is Extended Enterprise Learning Right For My Organization?
A comprehensive guide on what extended enterprise learning is
and how to prepare for your extended enterprise training program

What Is Extended Enterprise Learning

Challenges to Delivering Extended Enterprise Learning

Delivering training to multiple audiences comes with its fair share of challenges. Take a look at the overall challenges surveyed training managers said they face with delivering extended enterprise learning.

Is Extended Enterprise Learning Right For My Organization?

Extended enterprise learning has come a long way in the past decade. It wasn’t that long ago that many organizations didn’t feel it worth their while to train their extended enterprise.

Today 95% of the organizations surveyed have some type of extended enterprise training program and 92% of the program managers believe their programs are having a positive impact on their organizations. The debate on whether to train business partners (i.e. the extended enterprise) is settled. The answer is YES.

Critical Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Organization

How To Prepare For Your Extended Enterprise Training Program