Every LMS allows you to automate processes and delegate work to other people to some degree, LatitudeLearning included. But what about the processes on the other side of some?

You could go with a more traditional software, where your buy your Learning Management System, that allows for customization. Although this type of LMS can get very pricey, you will be able to completely automate your training program as it stands today, but as your training program evolves, and as the software company adds new features to its products, you won't be able to take advantage of any of the changes. A new version is a new purchase - so you're pretty much stuck with the version you buy.

Or you could go with a more affordable option of renting your LMS through a SaaS provider.You'll get automatic updates when new features are available, but 99.9% of SaaS vendors will not let you customize it. This means you usually end up with the software supporting 80% of your training program process. You can't just throw away the other 20%, so you're forced to create workarounds that cost time and money.

So what happens now? You're forced into an LMS Straight Jacket that you can't break-free from no matter which software you decide to go with. That's when you turn to LatitudeLearning. Latitude is far different from any other LMS company because we're the only SaaS vendor that will authorize customization of your Learning Management System. Granting you the advantages of SaaS by remaining on the latest version of the software. And the advantages of traditional software by allowing you to customize so the software fully supports your ever-evolving training program.

The road to a 100% automated training program is through Latitude's myLMS™. myLMS™ allows for client specific customizations to Latitude's SaaS software (LatitudeLearning) at a budget-friendly, fixed cost. We guarantee your customizations will function with any future updates of the LMS, and if it doesn't it's on us to fix it - assuring you will never have to ask for more budget.