Our OpenDevelopment™ program allows you to participate in the evolution of the LMS through enhancement suggestion, prioritization, funding, requirements definition, coding and testing.

  Suggesting Enhancements
Open R&D platform so your ideas, suggestions and feedback is heard and considered by our product development team.

  Prioritize Ideas by Voting
Get involved in the software's future direction by voting on which ideas or enhancements are important and would benefit your needs.

  Funding the Changes
Eliminate anxiously waiting for a particular enhancement to be developed by participating in the funding of the development.

  Open Requirement Feedback
As we publicly develop new functions of the software, administrators will have a chance to review initiatives and openly comment/suggest on their upcoming progress.

  Participate in Coding
Take a behind-the-scene look at the LMS and its enhancements. Do you like problem solving? Participate in coding the new LMS enhancement, share your source code and suggest modifications.

  Callout for Beta Testers
Once the enhancement is ready, we will search for Beta Testers. This will allow testers to experiment with the newly built enhancement firsthand and provide direct feedback to ensure it will perform well and as intended, along with being ready and free of glitches prior to its release.