Training programs should not be treated equal. Your beliefs, the way you do business, and the manner in which you've structured your operation is what sets you apart from your competitors. Uniqueness is an extremely important attribute to organizations and it shouldn't be lost in translation to an Learning Management System. This is why personalized automation is so important.

LatitudeLearning is more than an LMS. It's a platform that allows you to automate your training processes. LatitudeLearning is designed around the the six training workflows that make up a successful training program. LatitudeLearning offers tools to automate the management of users, management of enrollments, the ability to successfully track progress, organization of people, organization of content, and the user experience.

While most Enterprise Learning Management Systems allow for automation to a certain degree and offer some flexibility with configuration, LatitudeLearning goes beyond and allows for wholesale customization your SaaS LMS through the LatitudeLearning myLMS™ program. Which allows you to drop custom tools into your LMS in order to configure your training program to your exact needs.