Budget Friendly

An impactful and effective training program platform must be capable of handling the Six Essential Learning Management Workflows...

To be a true, full-feature LMS, you must have the capability to support each workflow on an enterprise scale. Sounds pricey, right? Possibly, if your LMS isn't LatitudeLearning.

We've managed to master the art of allowing organizations to stay true to their mission and unique workflows by providing them with a feature rich, enterprise LMS at a budget friendly price. A typical enterprise LMS can cost anywhere between $10-15+ per user, per year. Our top price is $4-6 per user, per year.

How have we managed to offer a high quality system at a reasonable price? We didn't take the easy route. When designing LatitudeLearning we heavily focused on features and functions, and developed underlying processes that allow us to change almost everything about the LMS from one portal to another. This makes it easier for us to provide high functionality at the fraction of the price of competitors.