Certification Programs

Here at Latitude, we believe in a "Learn. Do." mentality - meaning in order to master something, you actually have to do it. In our years of experience, we've also found that clients who apply the same mentality to their certification-based training have a more successful training program as a whole.

Including certification programs within your training program is a common practice for organizations. Formal learning is just not enough when the stakes are high. It's also common for high stake certification programs to include some type of learning, as well as a system to uncover evidence that what was learned is being applied on the job.

The parameters for what satisfies as "evidence" for a completed certification is based solely upon your curriculum and goals. Some real-life examples of "learning evidence" in use by LatitudeLearning clients include:

  • working number of hours
  • customer satisfaction
  • selling a certain type of product

Luckily, LatitudeLearning's certification engine is sophisticated enough to handle the most complicated certification programs and workflows. Our certification engine allows you to define performance based metric rules, which will help your certification program run smoothly without the hassle of handling every aspect manually. When a student completes all the requirements for the certification, the certification will be granted. Your student will be proficient in this area and ready for the next learning challenge.

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