Delegating administration out to additional people in your organization is one of the best ways to train more with less effort. This allows you to push authority down to the learner as quickly as possible. Like LatitudeLearning, most systems do this through role based securities. But we take it a step further...

Every feature on every page of LatitudeLearning can be controlled by feature management. Making our delegation process much more extensive than just the ordinary role based security features you will find in most learning management systems. Feature management is used to limit what can be done on a certain page. This access can be setup by the role a particular person holds within the LMS.

While offering how you control every feature on every page by role is unique for an LMS vendor, we let you take delegation of your training program one step further through the LatitudeLearning myLMS program. myLMS allows you create custom tools that can be used to delegate tasks to others that would not normally have the authority based on their role. For example, while typical role based security can be used to give location managers access to the add/edit location feature, you may not want to give that access to a store manager because due to the amount of authority. myLMS will allow you to create a store management tool that is unique to your particular situation. An add/edit feature can be added within particular store manager's pages with restricted fields. This feature will also be presented in a way that makes it very intuitive for a store manager to add and edit their store.

We have a lot of tools in our toolbox that allow you to delegate administration out to others, which means you don't have to rely on the out-of-the-box delegation solutions with most learning management systems.