Need more flexibility?

Do you want to modify your LMS's source code?

Do you want your staff to maintain your learning management system?

Do you want direct access to your learning database?

If you answered YES to one of these questions, one of our Enterprise LMS options may be the solution for you.

Enterprise LMS Options

Sometimes you need more than a single learning portal in a cloud-based, multi-tenant LMS. Sometimes you need an Enterprise solution. We offer four options to address your enterprise training management needs.

   Multiple LMS Portals - Configure unique LMS portals for each learning communities you manage. Share courses across multiple portals. Manage it all with one user ID that can access all your LMS portals.

   LMS Instance - Get your own unique instance of the LMS. Upgrade your access from Portal Administrator to System Administrator and create your own new LMS portals or update SiteText. Keep and access your data in your own SQL database.

    LMS Environment - Control when your LMS is updated. Enjoy the benefits of your own dedicated Quality Assurance and Staging environments, in addition to your own production environment. Host the LMS in your favorite data center.

   LMS Branch - Get the ultimate flexibility, your own copy of the source code. Modify the essence of the LMS to reflect your vision and meet your needs.