Delivering the right training, at the right time, at the right place is crucial for maximizing user engagement. LatitudeLearning allows you to embed training into your operations, turning your LMS into a Learning Platform.

Adapting to your learner's needs puts your training program front and center, offering training when and where it's needed most. Most learning management systems have some type of API capability that will allow you to embed certain things into your daily operations. But LatitudeLearning allows you to go beyond.

What is an API? It stands for Application Programming Interface. Using an API allows you, the user, to complete an action without having to leave your website. Our toolbox gives you access to over 200 APIs that allows you to do practically every student function, manager function, instructor function, and administrator function - allowing you to go beyond just embedded training. These capabilities put you in the driver seat of your training program and allows you to seamlessly integrate training into the daily operations.