Assessments can be used to measure student understanding of a topic. Ranging from simple quizzes to sophisticated, multi-objective examinations, our assessment authoring tool provides administrators the ability to:

  • Define multiple test objectives and sub-objectives
  • Create pools of questions for each test objective, allowing for randomization in each attempt
  • Shuffle assessment questions in real time
  • Shuffle answer choices in real time
  • Control the number of test attempts each participant is allowed
  • Control session time limits
  • Define pass/fail requirements
  • Supply images and videos as part of question or answer content, making the assessment more interactive for students

LMS Administrators can use Assessments for a variety of purposes:

  • To assess knowledge with multiple choice test
  • To assess knowledge with fill in the blank responses
  • Ask a series of open-ended questions for course feedback or manual review
  • As a final component of a series or course group, presented to the student after all other prerequisite courses are completed
Test scores may determine a user's pass/fail status, and should accessible to any manager who is responsible for tracking student progress.