Portal Administrators can define an Audience of users by rule criteria, then leverage that collection for announcements, enrollments, and other user selection tools. Audience membership is evaluated in real time, providing a dynamic user list based on who fits the filter criteria when called.

  • Filter for mass enrollment – Administrators and instructors can search for a course, and use the Enroll Others tool to open a user search control. Inside this control, they can select an Audience to retrieve a list of members and enroll the entire group with a few clicks.
  • Audience for an announcement – Administrators can use the Announcements tool to define a user Audience and send them a custom message. 
  • Assign and Track Training Goals – Assign users course or certification goals based on Audience definition to ensure Goals are added/removed automatically.

The screenshot below is an example of the View/Edit Audience page. From here, the administrators can perform group management functions for an individual or a large population of users.