If your training program includes instructor led training (ILT) requirements, LatitudeLearning is the perfect solution. Create a Classroom course to schedule live training sessions, then promote these opportunities via manual registration or automatic enrollment.

A Facility will represent either a physical building or a virtual environment where instructor-led training takes place. Facilities can be designed to reserve the Room and Equipment necessary to conduct a live training session, and Instructors are assigned to facilities as a way to coordinate their teaching schedules. 

Once you've added course, facility, and instructor data, it's time to schedule class Offerings. Offerings provide the meeting dates, times, and locations in which each training session will be held. Students can then browse their Course Catalog or Training Calendar to find the offering that best suites their schedule. 

Classroom courses may not always have scheduled offerings. If a student finds a course with no current offerings listed, they can Add Interest in taking that course. Instructors and administrators can then use their Interest Summary or Interest Graph tools to monitor course interest, and determine the best locations to offer another class. When a new offering is created,  students who showed interest in the course can be notified or auto-enrolled, providing an effective feedback loop for  professional development opportunities.

Scheduled offerings will appear to both students and instructors in the Training Calendar (see image below). To make course offerings easy to search, courses are color-coded and sorted by Major. With these tools, students are never more than a few clicks away from enrolling in classroom training that matches their interests.

Instructors can can use their Teaching Schedule to view upcoming offerings and export meeting information as an .ics file to their digital calendar. View Offerings to prepare the roster and print sign-in sheets or name badges for registered students.

Once the training session is complete, they can then process the roster and give students credit for attending. Transcripts will reflect whether the student has participated in the offering, and may include Pretest and Posttest scores for professional development evaluation.

Classroom Courses are efficient ways to manage classroom training and completion status in LatitudeLearning.