Classroom Courses

If your training includes in-person instructor led training (ILT), LatitudeLearning is the perfect solution for your needs. An Classroom Course is a course type in LatitudeLearning that is used to provide structure to in-person instruction.

Once the course is set up, teachers can be assigned to teach the course and either the teachers or the Administrator can set up course offerings. Offerings are specific meeting times when instructors will conduct the in person training for students. Once an offering is created, students can enroll in the offering and attend on the given date.

Classroom Courses may not always have offerings for students. If a student sees a course listed that does not have an offering listed, the student can add interest to that course. Instructors can then monitor interest by reviewing the ILT Interest Summary or ILT Interest Graph. When the offering is created, they can notify students who showed interest in the classroom course, providing an effective feedback loop for in-class professional development.

A Classroom Course that has an offering scheduled will appear to both students and instructors in the Training Calendar (see image below). To make course offerings easy to search, courses are color-coded and can be searched by Major. With these tools students are never more than a few clicks from enrolling in classroom training that matches their interests.

In addition, instructors can view classroom courses they are scheduled to teach on their home page in an area called the Teaching Schedule. By expanding the teaching schedule widget, an instructor can view the offering and even export the calendar information as an .ics file to their digital calendar.

After the instructor teaches students in the classroom offering, they can then process the roster and give students credit. Transcripts will reflect that the student has participated in the offering and received professional development training for the subject.

Classroom Courses are efficient ways to manage classroom training and completion status in LatitudeLearning.