Course Catalogs

LatitudeLearninig places courses into Course Catalogs, which are kept at the Business Unit level. Any student with a profile in the same business unit as the Course Catalog will be able to view listed courses.

Courses may exist in one or more Course Catalogs. For example, if a business operates with a business unit called Manufacturing and another business unit called Services, some courses can be assigned to Manufacturing while others can be assigned to Services. Courses can also be assigned to both Manufacturing and Services.

Students in the Manufacturing business unit can see the manufacturing Course Catalog – allowing content to be shared securely among those with profiles in that business unit.

While most course attributes apply to every catalog where a course exists, four course attributes operate differently. These four attributes are required to be set by an LMS Administrator per Course Catalog:

  • Approval Required
  • Subscription Program
  • Non-Subscribers Can Enroll
  • Allow User of Interest List
Course Catalogs provide LMS Administrators the flexibility to assign courses only to students who need specific training, provided students are arranged into locations, divisions, and business units that operate within the Course Catalog’s business unit.