LatitudeLearning is the ideal platform for partner training, as system administrators can create Course Catalogs that are unique to each client, and still share core content between them, if needed.

Course Catalogs are tied to the LMS Business Unit. Any student with a profile in the same business unit as the course will be able to find it in their Course Catalog. 

In the example diagram below, a company operates with a Manufacturing Business Unit and a Services Business Unit. Some courses (blue) are only available to Manufacturing workers, while other courses (gold) are only available to employees in the Services sector. Courses can also be assigned to both Manufacturing and Services (green), based on training needs.

While most course attributes apply in every catalog, four settings are designed to operate differently in each Business Unit:

  • Approval Required
  • Subscription Program
  • Non-Subscribers Can Enroll
  • Allow Use of Interest List
These options provide additional flexibility in setting enrollment standards for each training partner or sector.