Course Groups

Course Groups are a course type in LatitudeLearning in which the “content” is a set of other courses. Students can enroll in the Course Group directly, or they can be enrolled by a supervisor with the Enroll Others feature. After enrollment, a Course Group widget will display on the student’s home page containing the Course Group name.

When the Course Group widget is expanded it will contain the list of component courses the student needs to take in order to complete the group. When all courses are completed the student will get credit for the Course Group and the widget will be removed from the student's home page.

A Course Group is used to bundle a group of courses. This group can be considered as a simple certification. A student in a certification must complete all the courses in the training track before meeting the requirements for the certification. Similarly, the student enrolled in a Course Group must receive credit for all component courses before receiving credit for the Course Group.

There are 3 main differences between Course Groups and certifications:

  • With proper configuration, Certifications automatically enroll all users in a position group. Course groups do not have automatic enrollment option.
  • Course Groups can be set up with two features that work together, which help to encourage completion: (a) number of days for student to complete, and (b) days before due date to remind student.
  • Certifications can expire at the end of a program. Programs are often set up with year to year configurations. Course Groups have two features that work together to provide expiration: (a) transcript expiration days, and (b) days before transcript expiration to remind student. Certifications can be set up with a certification expiration notice.
Finally, creating a Course Group with required prerequisites helps LMS Administrators control the sequence of the component courses. Use this feature when knowledge from a prerequisite course is required for a subsequent course. Also, using prerequisites with a final assessment component course is an effective way to measure student knowledge at the end of the Course Group.

Course Groups provide an easy way to create a set of courses that need to be taken together. Managers can enroll student with the enroll others feature. If the Manager is configured as an Administrator, they can track student performance with course performance reports to determine if the student has started on the component courses or completed the entire course group.

Course Groups are an effective way to create a simple certification. With the enroll others feature, they are a perfect solution for training situations where Managers are able to have hands-on engagement to help students complete a set of required training.

If you need a way to enroll students in a set of courses – or allow students to self-enroll in a track of training, Course Groups are a perfect way to go.