The Course Group delivery method provides an easy and flexible way to bundle multiple LMS courses together for a single training completion requirement. Instead of containing learning material, the content of the Course Group is a set of Component Courses, which can be a blend of any other course type: eLearning, Self-Study, Classroom, or Assessment.

Students can enroll in the Course Group directly, or they can be enrolled by a supervisor with the Enroll Others feature. As with all other course types, an assigned Course Group will display on the student’s Courses To Complete page until all component lessons are complete.

Configure a Course Group with prerequisite rules to control the sequence in which students complete component courses. Use this feature when knowledge from one course is important for understanding subsequent course content. Also, using prerequisites with a final assessment component is an effective way to measure student knowledge at the end of the Course Group.

Course Groups are sometimes employed as a simple certification program. However, it's important to understand the three main differences between Course Groups and Certifications:

  • Certification eligibility in based on Position Group, according to user's primary position assignment at their primary organization profile. Course enrollment eligibility can be based on any number of user attributes or training accomplishments, but by default, is open to any user with access to the course in their catalog.
  • Course Groups track one type of training requirement: Course Completion. Certifications offer a number of different rule types, which may require a user to achieve their training goals through a combination of Course Completion and performance-based activities, such as Department Objectives, Location Performance, and Top Percent contributors.
  • Course Group completion is a one-time achievement. Certification status is calculated nightly, granting and revoking user certificates based on rule updates or changes in a user's training or performance records.

If you need a way to enroll students in a set of courses, or allow students to self-enroll in a track of training, Course Groups are a perfect way to go.