LMS Administrators can use Course Prerequisites to create a set of requirements that need to be achieved prior to a student enrolling in a course.

Prerequisites can be identified in five different ways. If the student has:
  • completed a course
  • has a specific position code
  • is part of a position code group
  • user group membership
  • has achieved requirements for a specific Certification or Curriculum

Course prerequisite can be used in the following scenarios:

  • To prevent someone from enrolling in a course unless they've completed a specific course or certification requirements first.
  • To prevent someone from enrolling in a course unless they are a member of a specific group. For example, it may be that a training situation requires only managers to enroll in a manager training program.
  • To be combined with a series of courses so that enrollment in a subsequent course in the series can only be achieved if the prerequisite course has been achieved.
  • To set up a simple certification, which is known as a course group, with component courses that are required to be completed in a specified order.
  • To set up a series of course groups. If your training environment has several sets of course groups, you can designate the order a student should complete the course groups by designating prerequisite requirements. A user can only enroll in subsequent course group training if prerequisite course groups are complete.

LMS Administrators can use Course Prerequisites to manage who enrolls in courses – and in what order courses are completed. With minimal up-front administration, students will be allowed to enroll in training that is appropriate for their position code and their current progress in your corporate training program.