A Course Series is a way to bundle multiple courses into a chain of predecessor and successor coursework. A Training Administrator would create a Course Series when the goal is for students to enroll in one course that is part of a series. This single enrollment will automatically add the other courses set in the series to the student's Interest List.

A Course Series is often used in conjunction with course prerequisites. When these two tools are used together, a track of training can be created. When the student enrolls in the first course in the series, subsequent courses will be added to the Interest List area of the home page. The student cannot launch courses further down in the series until the prerequisite courses are completed.

A course that is part of a series may move from the Interest List to Self-Studies in two cases: (a) the prerequisite for the course has been met, or (b) there are no prerequisites for the course. On the other hand, ILT (instructor led training) courses that are part of a series will always remain on the student’s interest list if no offerings exist for the course.

The screenshot below shows an example of a student who has enrolled in Learning by Design Part 1 – which initially put all 5 parts of the series on his interest list. Since there were no prerequisites, they were put into his Self-Studies area. As the student finished Part 1 and Part 2, these modules were removed from Self-Studies. He was left with the remaining series courses in the Self-Studies section of his home page.

A Course Series is an effective way to help students enroll in a batch of training. They can be set up with course prerequisites as a way to control the order in which students complete their training requirements.