A Course Subscription is a set of courses that are provided to students in a location that will by-pass manager approval or tuition requirement. When an LMS Administrator create a subscription, the number of credits attributed to the subscription is assigned. This sets the number of course credits that can be taken in that location until the manager approval or tuition requirement kicks in again. When the subscription is active, a student will see Course Subscriptions listed on the home page in a widget called “Available Subscription Courses”. For every student enrollment, the credits associated with the subscription are reduced until no more subscription credits exist - at which time manager approval or tuition will be required by students at that location.

Course Subscriptions can require manager approval for non-subscribers. While the manager approval setting can be applied to any Course Subscription, the setting operates per course catalog. So courses in different course catalogs can behave differently, depending on the setting for approval required for non-subscribers.

Students will see Course Subscriptions in the home page area entitled “Available Subscription Courses” as seen in the screenshot below.