Course Topics

Course Topics are a way to group courses by common subject. This feature is similar to course majors since both are a way to catalog courses by subject, but there are two distinct components that are available to Course Topics that are not available to course majors:

  • An LMS Administrator can set up a hierarchy of topics
  • A course can be tagged by multiple topics

The screenshot below shows the ease with which a student can drill into the topic and explore child-topics below the parent. When a hierarchy of topics is created, the first click will display results associated with the parent. As the student clicks on subsequent child topics, a different set of courses will display, more refined as appropriate.

Course Topics can be used by the LMS Administrator to direct students to course training in specific areas. For example, if the Administrator wants to create a collection of sales courses, they can create a topic called “Sales” and tag all the related courses with this topic category. If there is a subgroup of sales courses that involve maintaining inventory, they can create a sub-topic called “Inventory Maintenance”. The topic “Sales” can be set up as a parent topic for “Inventory Maintenance,” so that students who want to browse the sales content can click in their left navigation window on the topic called “Sales” and those who want to further pursue the Inventory Maintenance content can drill down by clicking on the sub-topic.

Course Topics are an efficient way to tag a course once – or more than once – and empower students to take their training in directions that meet their interests.