When a user can manage others in LatitudeLearning – either by a superior/subordinate position code hierarchy or by a person to person managerial assignment – this person is able to go to their Employees tab and find a set of selections that allow for training oversight. When the Manager clicks on Department Curriculum, she will see a skill profile selection and a matrix of curriculum training that is a component of the skill profile.

A skill profile consists of a set of skill areas matched with various skill levels. In the Department Certification tab, a Manager can see the number of students who have achieved each skill area and skill level. When the Manage drills into the skill area, she can see the students in her department who have completed curriculum requirements.

The Department Curriculum provides a departmental view of progress towards a skill profile – as well as a way to drill into detail about specific curriculum completion. For students who have achieved curriculum status, Managers can assign further goals. Managers can also use this information to coach subordinates who have not yet achieved competency in the skill area.

For a one-stop report on curriculum progress at a manager's location, the Department Curriculum page is the perfect place to go.