Departments are used to group people across the Business Structure, according to their Position Code. Creating a Department is useful when you want a uniform way to organize users within each Location. For example, if you define a Sales and a Service department, every Location in your LMS will automatically include a Sales and a Service department.

As a discrete way to organize users, each position code can only belong to one Department at a time. All users who have a position code contained in the Department list will be identified as members.

Departments have several purposes in LatitudeLearning:

  • Filter for mass enrollment – Administrators and instructors can search for a course, and use the Enroll Others tool to open a user search control. Inside this control, they can select a Department to retrieve a list of members and enroll the entire group with a few clicks.
  • Audience for an announcement – Administrators can use the Announcements tool to search for a specific user audience to receive a custom message. Filter by one or more Departments and send an announcement to just those employees.
  • Assign and Track Training Goals – Assign course or certification goals to users based on their Position Code, then track progress by Department.

Because Department membership is determined by a user's Position Code assignment, adding or editing a user's profile will automatically classify them as a new member of the Department, or remove them from the list. Therefore, the audience of a given Department will always be current – as long as a user’s position assignment is accurate.