eLearning Courses

eLearning Courses are one of the course types within LatitudeLearning. eLearning Courses are used to deploy SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 content to students. If you already have SCORM compliant courseware, simply set up an eLearning Course to host the learning module.

When you load eLearning courseware to the LMS, you will be able to choose SCORM content from your hard drive and either perform a full package load or partial load. After the file is loaded, you can use the built-in SCORM debug feature to test the operation of the SCO (shareable content object). This process will identify issues that can be fixed prior to your Go-Live. An example of the feature is shown below.

You can also choose to have LatitudeLearning manage navigation of your SCO chapters. Once the SCORM module is deployed, you will be able to test launch and possibly debug the file.

A LatitudeLearning eLearning Course can also be part of a series or course group. If it's part of a series, the string of eLearning modules are often followed by an assessment at the end. If it's part of a course group and a student enrolls in the course group, the student will find all component courses listed in the course group widget on the home page.

As with any course, a manager can use the Enroll Others to enroll subordinates in the eLearning Course. As the student completes the module, a transcript will be automatically generated and managers can review student progress with user drill-down or with one of the built-in course reports.