With the Enroll Others function, a Manager can use a highly customizable user search interface to select a set of students – or just one student – and enroll them in a training module. The student simply needs to log into LatitudeLearning and visit the Live Courses or Self-Studies section of their home page to see the courses they are enrolled in.

The screenshots below demonstrates how Enroll Others can be used by a Manager to efficiently enroll any number of students in training. The first screenshot illustrates the Manager selecting students. The second screenshot illustrates the confirmation that all were added successfully. If there were enrollment conflicts, the Manager would have been alerted.

The Enroll Others function allows Managers to engage in their subordinates’ training programs. After students commence training, Managers can check up on progress with reports or by viewing the home page of their employees – which is found in the Manager’s Employees tab.

Although Enroll Others can be used for any course type, it is especially helpful when employees are required to complete a Course Group, which is considered in LatitudeLearning to be a simple certification. If the Manager uses Enroll Others to assign a course group course to a student, that person will have all the courses listed as a requirement in the Course Group widget on their home page. It is only when all component courses have been passed by the student that the Manager will see in transcript reports that the course group has been completed. The screenshot below shows the component courses listed in a student’s Course Group widget after the Manager has assigned the course group to a student.

Manual enrollment with Enroll Others is a valuable way for Managers to act as an education facilitator in LatitudeLearning.